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About DME Suppliers

What is DME?  Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers sell, maintain and train users on any equipment used for patients at home that are prescribed as medically necessary by the patient’s physician, with most items requiring Prescriptions.  The equipment is for repeated and long-term use, for those who are enduring illness and injury and the DME suppliers needs to be a Medicare-certified provider.

What are DME Compliance Requirements?  For the suppliers that offer oxygen, ventilation or respiratory assistance equipment, they will providing Clinical Respiratory Services (CRS) which must meet state regulations including Respiratory Practice Acts and Licensure Laws.  Qualified staff and supervisors are needed to be in place, which are appropriately licensed for the state/region the DME supplier provides service.  Competency of qualified state, including Sleep Technologists, Respiratory Therapist, Nurses and Nurse Practitioners need to be assessed and provided on-going training and assessment testing to meet local, state and federal guidelines.  That’s where we come in …

NEW DME Compliance Program is now providing a DME Compliance Program for DME Suppliers’ staff to acquire and maintain license requirements.  To save time, money, travel away from home, and to comply with current COVID-19 safety guidelines, we offer DME-specific online courses that are affordable,  and written by Respiratory Care Industry Leaders with relevant topics that are engaging. Additionally, if you are a licensed respiratory therapist or registered sleep technologist working in a DME organization in the U.S. or Canada, we have on-line CEU courses available at or

What are the Benefits of the DME Compliance Program?

  • The DME Compliance distance learning courses are non-CEU credit courses, as this program is designed specifically to assist DME Suppliers in meeting state, federal and accreditation guidelines, as well as improving staff members’ skill and knowledge base, thus improving patient care and satisfaction.
  • There are several Supplier Packages offered, that are priced according to the number of employees, (see prices below), which offers each employee access to ALL TEN (10) courses offered in the DME Compliance Program.
  • The employee will take each individual course in the package, complete the 2-question test for each course, and upon completion of each course, RespiratoryEdu will generate a Certificate of Completion and send via email to the individual employee, and their employer (the Package subscriber).
  • RespiratoryEdu keeps the records of each of your employee activity and can access your staff or individual employee’s course reports.  Organization managers will have 24/7 access to these reports, indicating staff members’ compliance status with the program.
  • There are no subscription fees, no membership fees.  There is just one single fee per organization.
  • Customer Service is available electronically or by phone.
  • If your organization grows (or more staff are added/identified), RespiratoryEdu will track online utilization and invoice your company/organization appropriately.
  • Supplier and Organization Managers will have 24/7 access to all staff course progress and completion reports to gauge individual employee adherence to the program.
  • All of our courses are written by industry experts in Respiratory Care, DME, Compliance, Accreditation and Clinical Care.  (See our Team and Course Authors)

What is the Price of the DME Program?

For Suppliers of up to 5 employees:  $200/one year access to the 10-course package. 

For Suppliers of up to 10 employees:  $300/one year access to the 10-course package. 

For Suppliers of up to 20 employees:  $400/one year access to the 10-course package. 

For Suppliers of more than 20 employees, contact us for a customized package.  Click on button below to submit registration.  Or contact us at (859) 469-6205 or

What Courses are Offered for the DME Compliance Program?

  1. Emergency Preparedness
  2. Fraud Prevention in the Durable Medical Equipment Industry
  3. Bloodborne Pathogens and Infectious Disease
  4. Elder Abuse and Neglect
  5. Infection Prevention and Control
  6. The Criminal Threat
  7. Sexual Harassment
  8. HIPAA
  9. Diversity
  10. Child Abuse and neglect

Get Started Today

These courses are designed to assist DME Supplier’s staff in their everyday activities, improve individual knowledge and skills, and meet accreditation and compliance requirements.  As our world conditions change, technology advances and knowledge of medical therapy expands, our courses provided up-to-date and needed skills for this changing world.  With the unusual and extraordinary challenges to our healthcare system during COVID-19, the strain on DME Providers and Suppliers (particularly for suppliers of home oxygen and ventilators) have increased and thus, the need have staff that are appropriately trained and accredited to serve their patients.


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