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Course Information

We offer Quality Continuing Education

  • Courses Written by Respiratory Care Industry Leaders
  • All Courses are Peer and/or Physician Reviewed!
  • We offer Courses you can complete at your own pace at the location and time you choose. (In your pajamas and bunny slippers if you prefer.)
  • Buying them is a simple online shopping cart experience.

There are three parts to each course:

  1. The Course content: is provided in convenient PDF format.  You can download to your PC, iPhone, Tablet, Android or any device with a PDF reader app.  Save and read at your convenience, and

  2.  The Post Test: 10 to 15 multiple choice and True/False questions  You take it online.  You must have a stable internet connection and a browser that supports Flash TM,    (PC, laptop, or windows with a browser such as Chrome, or Internet Explorer.)

  3. An Instant Certificate of Completion sent to your email address as proof you passed!

How to Use our Online Distance Learning System:

Steps to Use our Online Learning System:

  1.  Shop for Courses at our online learning management system:
    Click “Register Now” for our online course catalog.  Choose course(s) or discounted package(s) and add to your cart.
  2.  Pay with a Credit Card
    Checkout by setting up your account (if new user) and login to your account (if returning user).  Enter your full information including address, email and phone to ensure you get credit for certifications earned.  Then use our secure checkout system with a credit or debit card.
  3.  Start the Course
    Course content is available immediately after purchase, and is presented to the student in either downloadable PDF or mp4 video format.  All courses are responsive, mobile-friendly and can be taken on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  4.  Pass the Course Test
    Tests are taken online with at least ten question for CEU courses and at least two questions for non-CEU courses.  All tests are instantly graded and you are informed immediately of the pass/fail results. Tests are stored in our system.   After successful course completion, you can access your certificates by (1) logging into your account, (2) view the course you’ve completed, (3) click the link “Click Here to View your Certificate of Completion”, and (4) Download the PDF certificate and print out.


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