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Course Information

We offer Quality Continuing Education

  • Courses Written by Respiratory Care Industry Leaders
  • All Courses are Peer and/or Physician Reviewed!
  • We offer Courses you can complete at your own pace at the location and time you choose. (In your pajamas and bunny slippers if you prefer.)
  • Buying them is a simple online shopping cart experience.

There are three parts to each course:

  1. The Course content: is provided in convenient PDF format.  You can download to your PC, iPhone, Tablet, Android or any device with a PDF reader app.  Save and read at your convenience, and

  2.  The Post Test: 10 to 15 multiple choice and True/False questions  You take it online.  You must have a stable internet connection and a browser that supports Flash TM,    (PC, laptop, or windows with a browser such as Chrome, or Internet Explorer.)

  3. An Instant Certificate of Completion sent to your email address as proof you passed!

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