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How do I get started?

Our site works a lot like Amazon.  You shop for the courses you’d like to take for the Continuing Education Credits you need then add them to your shopping cart and check out.  We accept all major credit cards.  You DO NOT have to subscribe or join a club.  There are no fees beyond the purchase of the course(s).

Who do I contact for technical support?

You may contact technical support through the contact page on this website or call us.

Phone: 859-469-6205 or

What format do you use for your courses?

Much of the course content is published in PDF.  Some courses may be video mp4 format. PDF can be downloaded to your computer or tablet and can be read on any device that has a PDF viewing program.  The tests are taken online.  You must take the test from a computer using a browser that supports FLASH TM   Internet Explorer supports FLASH.  Chrome will support FLASH if you enable webpages to run FLASH through the Privacy and Content Settings.

How do I obtain author's credentials and objectives for a course?

The course description and objectives are in the description of the course in the details in the store front.   The authors are listed in the course material.

Where are your courses approved and in what locations?

Are courses are approved in all parts of the world that recognize BRPT, AAST, AARC or CSRT approved continuing education courses for your continuing education requirements.

May I take a course if I do not live in the US or Canada?


Do I download the course or is it online?

For most of the courses you download the course content.  The test, however, must be taken online.

How long do the courses take (on average)? Is there a time limit?

Our courses are approved for 1.0 credit hours of continuing education each.  Our courses are evaluated using the Mergener Formula (Mergener Calculator) to estimate the time required to read the material.  Each test is at least ten questions.  You have access to each course you purchase for one year.

Do I have to take the online course all at once or can I start and then return to it later?

You may read the course material at your own pace anytime.  You must take the course online all at once.

How do I take the test after reading the course?

To take the test, return to the Digital Download Page by logging into your Account or clicking the link at the bottom of your purchase receipt and selecting the Item marked “TEST” for your course topic.

How quickly do you grade the exam?

The test is instantly graded.  You are informed immediately if you have passed.

What if I do not pass the exam?

You may take the exam again.

How do I receive my certificate after I complete the course?

The certificate of completion is emailed to the address you enter at the beginning of the test.  It is sent immediately after passing the test.

What date do you put on the certificate?

The date on the certificate is the date you passed the test.

What if I lose my certificate?

Missing certificates are often found in the SPAM folder of your email client.  However, if you have passed a course and need a re-print, contact technical support and one can be re-sent.

What is your refund policy?

As all products on are digitally downloaded, all sales are final.  Refunds cannot be made for any course accessed.  If there is an error in your order and you have NOT accessed the course material or course test (we record that), call 859-469-6205 for assistance.  Life is difficult enough; we are not here to make it more so.